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Junk community of Blem ([personal profile] minotaur). Layouts, codes and icons. Under construction.
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Title: Saturday Morning
Base style: Tabula Rasa
Best resolution: 1366x768
Tested in: Google Chrome, Firefox
Screenshot: Here


Customize • Select Plain (Tabula Rasa);

Customize • Select 1 Column (modules at top and bottom; no sidebar);

Modules • In Main Module Section select Profile (position 1), Links (position 2) and Custom Text (position 3). All the other modules, including Navigation must be disabled;

Text • In Text for the 'Links' heading, write the desired title for your journal. A single word is recommended.

Custom CSS • Make sure Use layout's stylesheet(s) is selected. Paste this code:

• Credit is appreciated. Customize as you like.
• If you wish to use another pattern on the topbar, I recommend Subtle Patterns.